About Food

The Role of Food

From weddings and funerals to birthdays and retirement parties, food has always been central to social gatherings and is a way to nurture others and show how much you care.

Preparing and sharing food strengthens emotional connections between people of all backgrounds and demographics.

Food’s ability to allow us to simultaneously experience a variety of sensations results in some of our most long-lasting and vivid memories.

Food & Culture

Humans see food as so much more than just one of our basic needs. For many, food satisfies emotional needs before those of nutrition. Enjoying a meal is a universal human experience that allows us to relate to others from all over the world.

Food is central to our cultural and individual identities. We grow up eating the food of our culture and it becomes part of who we are. By offering cuisines from a variety of cultures, we connect peoples from all over the globe and throughout history.